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Need to design microwave transmission, fixed and mobile wireless networks using only one tool?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert solutions can offer to you.

Just a few decades ago, when wireless technologies were not so popular and widely used, telecoms were using wire lines to build their network.

However, the world has been changing, technologies developing and now telecoms face a necessity to provide wireless network services as well.

Planning or managing wire line and wireless networks is a complex task, so companies face a necessity to have wireless network planning tools that could be easily integrated with fixed network planning solutions. Cellular Expert is the best choice in this case!


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With Cellular Expert Telcom executives can:

  • Easily integrate the view of wireless and wire line network data
  • Solve not just network planning, but also customer care, sales & marketing tasks
  • Easily exchange information between network management, customer care and other legacy systems
  • Utilize network resources more cost effectively
  • Visualize different kind of information which facilitates and quickens workflow for Technical (operational), Sales& Marketing, and Customer Care departments.
  • Generate executive reports and KPI dashboards

With Cellular Expert Telecom Engineers can:

  • Plan and optimize microwave transmission as well as fixed and mobile wireless networks
  • Easily import most of wireless network data formats to Cellular Expert database.
  • Manage radio network and equipment data
  • Calculate and analyze network coverage, microwave network performance and availability, interference, traffic, customers’ data
  • Use main as well as newest wireless technologies GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, HSDPA, etc.)
  • Receive software functionality updates and tools for newest technologies, as Cellular Expert is constantly developed according to the market and customer demands
  • Select ITU, IEEE, COST and other propagation models, as well as add custom ones

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