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Need to secure reliable mobile communications? Precise network planning and fast deployment is critical for you?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert solutions can offer to you.

Whether assessing potential targets or deciding where to locate new base stations with minimal impact on environment, precise wireless network planning always comes into equation. Cellular Expert plays an important role in helping to make this type of decisions.

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With Cellular Expert Military Communication specialists can:

  • Plan and optimize various types of networks for extreme situations quickly and effectively by using powerful  profiling, coverage and visibility tools
  • Optimize radio networks to ensure staff safety during emergencies
  • Generate reports and based on them evaluate the situation and make decisions
  • Use customized prediction models and analysis tools
  • Extend software architecture as Cellular Expert has an open interface and data structures
  • Calculate radio coverage for mobile and temporary base stations fast and precisely
  • Use functions specially dedicated for Military/Security transmission planning as well as functions dedicated for high reliability networks such as TETRA, APCO
  • Integrate Command & Control system into Cellular Expert. A result is that all the system can be on one platform, so this allows planning all strategic and tactical actions
  • Use very precise and accurate GIS data
  • Solve very specific tasks taking into consideration 3D geographical data (terrain, clutter, and obstacles such as mountains, trees, buildings, etc.

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