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Cellular Expert Server is enterprise level solution for wireless network preview, management, reporting, performing specific engineering tasks and information sharing. Users can access the application using any internet browser without the need of installing any specialized software. Different online map services (Arcgis Online, OpenStreetMap, Bing maps, Google maps, etc.) can be used as a background (basemap) for easy navigation and rich visualization.

The application is designed to provide the user ability to access all network data created by Cellular Expert Desktop. Simple and user friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, select, display and filter any network information. Cellular Expert Server provides a set of specific radio network engineering tools.

Cellular Expert Server takes full advantage of the most powerful geographic information systems platform in the world ArcGIS and is built on Microsoft Silverlight technology providing users with powerful data visualization capabilities.



Cellular Expert Server capabilities are constantly expanding to include the most demanded engineering, network planning and other specific tasks according to real customers' needs.

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     Cellular Expert Server functionality features:

The functionality can be easily expanded with additional custom tools to meet our customer needs and demands.


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