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For large enterprises it is essential to monitor and evaluate their performance. The companies are using a number of key performance indicators (KPI) to evaluate efficiency of their operations. The management of Mobile Operators, Telecoms and other large companies needs an efficient, quick and easy-to-interpret tools to regularly track KPIs and make decisions according to the situation. Efficient analysis of specific KPIs is also essential for different departments of the company (Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Technical, etc.).

Enterprise Dashboard helps to evaluate KPI simplier, quicker, more efficiently and in a visually easily-understandable manner.

Our solution visualizes company’s KPI geographically and provides the ability to evaluate KPIs for different time periods (days, weeks, months, or any defined period), on different geographical levels (country, municipality, city, site levels) and other parameters.


The ability to visualize spatial data and understand relationships between specific locations helps organizations make more strategic business decisions. By leveraging location-based data, companies can identify new customers and optimize existing networks for better service coverage, expand markets and make key decisions with confidence.

Enterprise Dashboard application allows a communications company to analyze, measure and compare data from business operations in conjunction with external data, such as network-asset locations, customer characteristics, revenue trending, regulatory boundaries and demographics. Staff from all areas of an organization - sales and marketing executives, engineering leaders, analysts - can quickly visualize demand on a real-time basis.



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Cellular Expert Enterprise Dashboard application scenarios

When it comes to business planning and execution, there is critical business need to monitor market performance indicators such as Revenue, Network utilization and customer population density in a geo visualization framework. Cellular Expert Dashboard incorporates spatial analytics into the Business Intelligence (BI) framework. This gives your organization a tool to visualize and interpret data more easily, save time on long reporting process and make decisions on the spot.

Telecomunication companies are deploying spatial analytics on top of BI for different business scenarios. A few examples of main analyzing scenarios:

Scenario 1:  Analyze revenue drop / growth
Using Dashboard managers are able to view product performance, identify issues or alarming situations (e.g. drop calls), by drilling down to the lowest level find the root cause and generate reports. Drill down levels could be national, regional, sales division to base station level. Users are able to drill down on a particular performance indicator down to the lowest level to identify performance, issues and trends of a selected product/service.

Using Dashboard sales people can view sales of each product or service on district level with performance trends. Analyze performance by location or segment (Voice, Data, SMS), contribution of each segment to revenue, underperforming areas (areas performing below the average level) and their details. You can analyze revenue details by site: site level performance trend (drop calls rate), performance of different customer segments (prepaid/postpaid, current/new/prospect), relationships between different segments.

Scenario 2:  Monitor Sales performance
The issue is to track drop / growth in daily revenue in few Districts. You can drill down information view on the map to as many levels as you need. District level performance details show, which products are underperforming. This information can be presented in periodical views (weekly, monthly). Track Sales division level performance details to see which products are underperforming and their contribution to the drop. Analyze performance trends in periodical views. Using Dashboards you will easily identify inactive sales divisions with declining purchasing trend and notice divisions with yield of new sales done.

Scenario 3:   Identify location based potential for new Sites (Base Stations)
When other base stations don’t cover required territory or you have repeating drop call history and consider how to choose a location for a new site, Cellular Expert Dashboards can facilitate your determination. Having geo-coordinates of particular location, our system evaluates number of potential subscribers (density) and yield, overlapping coverage with neighbor sites, site deployment cost and other details. In result the Dashboard provides you with the following forecasts on a map / in a chart view: revenue of the potential new site, average revenue per user (ARPU), internal rate of return (IRR), payback period, selected area’s performance, hit to neighbor sites, congestion levels and other.

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