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Cellular Expert Radio Links module is designed for fixed wireless networks (MICROWAVE, LMDS, MMDS, WLL, WIMAX). It can be used to analyze and plan point-to-point transmission networks, including microwave links and radio-relay lines.

Radio Links module key Features

  • Path Profiling
  • Radio Links Design and Management
  • Power Budget Analysis
  • Performance Prediction
  • Interference Analysis
  • Automated Radio Link Frequency Planning
  • Radio Link Capacity Planning

Cellular Expert Radio Links Functionality Chart  

Key Benefits

  • Create and edit Radio links;
  • Define Error performance targets for digital radio links based on the ITU or for evaluation of interference from surrounding sources;
  • Involve performance targets into calculations;
  • For optimal channels allocation use Automatic Frequency Planning;
  • Evaluate electromagnetic radiation level using Power Flux Density analysis tool;
  • Evaluate intermodulation and harmonic distortion;
  • Calculate interference scattered from terrain using Intermodulation Analysis tool;
  • Make field strength prediction;
  • Calculate interfering field strength;
  • Symbolize links according to carriers;
  • View Wanted signal and Interference calculations results;
  • Perform visibility calculation from more than one object (point).


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Apply for Cellular Expert Radio Links training course and Learn How to:

  • Create prediction model
  • Create sites and sectors
  • Create and edit radio links
  • Create passive repeaters
  • Combine links into transmission lines
  • Work with templates
  • Change link visualization

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