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Need to improve network coverage, optimize existing network performance or deploy new networks?

Cellular Expert is an adequate solution for You. It is a powerful and comprehensive wireless network planning-optimization solution that facilitates efficient and accurate network planning in urban and rural areas.

Distinctive for intuitive usage and advanced GIS platform Cellular Expert was developed according to specific requirements and needs of technology oriented clients.

The accuracy and technical depth of the software, combined with ongoing investment in new technologies make Cellular Expert a complete solution that will benefit today, tomorrow and well into the future.


Cellular Expert facilitates efficient network planning and solves a wide range of tasks for executives as well as for engineers across the enterprise. Take a look of what Cellular Expert can offer to you and your company.


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With Cellular Expert executives can:

  • Evaluate and make decisions on required budget for initial or current network planning, expansion, as well as on optimization and management; calculate return on investment, time, equipment required to build or maintain wireless network
  • Decide what kind of new services and technologies should be launched to better satisfy customers’ needs
  • Seamlessly integrate data from sales & marketing, operational, and customer care departments for a complete business environment picture
  • Analyze Your and Your competitors network quality and coverage
  • Visualize different kind of information which facilitates and quickens workflow for Technical, Sales& Marketing, and Customer Care departments. This can better and more clearly show what problems are and what actions should be taken to solve them
  • Generate executive reports and KPI dashboards

With Cellular Expert Engineers can:

  • Design and optimize access and microwave transmission networks. Cellular Expert involves functions which identifies particular frequency to reduce interference. Besides, software helps to select and optimize equipment, so it would serve the biggest amount of customers
  • Manage radio network and equipment data as well as import many wireless network data formats
  • Calculate network coverage and capacity
  • Simulate traffic loading scenarios
  • Select ITU, IEEE, COST and other propagation models, as well as add custom ones
  • Design and optimize main and the newest networks (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, HSDPA, etc.)
  • Perform automated cell and frequency planning
  • Plan microwave transmission networks

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