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Need to assess telecom operators’ network coverage, performance, check compliance with hygienic norms?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert solutions can offer to you.

Regulation institutions are facing a lot of complex tasks every day. To ensure a variety of technologically progressive, top quality, safe and affordable communications technologies and services to each and every citizen of the country, they need to plan and manage radio frequencies, evaluate potential interference zones and availability of the services in critical areas, evaluate the pricing policy, monitor customer complaints and etc. To ease this process Cellular Expert is a must to have solution.

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With Cellular Expert specialists from Telecommunication Regulation Authority can:

  • Visualize and map wireless network Nationwide and share data with public
  • Calculate network coverage and gaps, analyze interference of all operators and service providers
  • Evaluate the pricing policy of the service providers at different parts of the country
  • Monitor customer complaints, number of subscribers at covered areas
  • Evaluate the easiness of service availability to the customer
  • Import data from all operators
  • Perform automated cell and frequency planning
  • Analyze power flux density
  • Plan and check all the networks with one software only
  • Easily store, collect and find all information about base stations configurations, permissions
  • Easily get various reports, permissions, and other related information

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