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Need to expand wireless Internet access and provide high-speed wireless services country wide?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert solutions can offer to you.

Broadband high-speed internet has become a worldwide breakthrough for telecommunication services. This led to a sharp increase in the development of wireless Internet connections. To win a competition on a market, wireless internet provider must always offer services of the highest quality and perfectly satisfy customer needs. Therefore, to have a precise, flexible, up to date wireless network planning tool is a must.

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With Cellular Expert Internet Providers can:

  • Evaluate and improve network quality
  • Plan network coverage and capacity, calculate profiles, determine visibility
  • Simulate traffic loading scenarios
  • Add custom models
  • Import most of wireless network data formats
  • Map and visualize networks
  • Process mapping services which can be shared online with clients or partners
  • Manage radio network and equipment
  • Plan and optimize transmission as well as fixed and mobile WiMAX networks
  • Use latest wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, WiMAX, HSDPA, LTE, etc.

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