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Need to ensure reliable cellular M2M (machine-to-machine) communications? Searching for a tool to design/expand your transmission radio network system?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert can offer to you and your company.

Utility companies (gas, oil producers, electricity, water suppliers) highly recognize the value of good data. Centralization and visualization of data is very important too, as it gives a big picture and makes it possible to make powerful decisions. Cellular Expert based on GIS technology provides with possibility to do both: to have a centralized data as well as visualize private networks.

Cellular Expert key benefits to the user

  • Supports the vast majority of wireless technologies available in the market
  • Provides functions required for a range of different network planning tasks to be solved
  • Powerful GIS platform provides additional functionality including spatial analysis, three-dimensional analysis
  • Data exchange and integration with other systems is easy and simple
  • Performs high precision calculations
  • Flexible and easy customizable solution


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With Cellular Expert Executives of Utility companies can:

  • Visualize network and make decision-making process easier
  • Monitor information
  • Combine and preview radio network and utility network data using the same GIS platform
  • Generate 3D visualization and flexible reportsVisualize

With Cellular Expert Engineers can:

  • Map and analyze all communication networks together with  gas, electricity,  pipeline or water in one place, as Cellular Expert has a flexible architecture and is easily integrated with other asset management tools
  • Plan and optimize microwave transmission and access networks
  • Determine the best communications path for a new site or best location for a new towers
  • Evaluate the impact of new equipment
  • Perform signal strength predictions and line of site analysis
  • Manage radio network and equipment data
  • Exchange and integrate data between GIS/enterprise RDMS systems
  • Calculate network coverage interference, traffic, customer and other data analysis
  • Import various equipment data formats
  • Use main as well as newest wireless technologies GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, HSDPA, etc.)
  • Receive software functionality updates and tools for newest technologies, as Cellular Expert is constantly developed according to the market and customer demands

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