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Looking for radio planning solution for studies, research, teaching communications or other educational purposes?

Take a look of what Cellular Expert can offer to you and your university.

While studying, it is very important to apply theoretical aspects into practice. Just then the best learning results are achieved. Cellular Expert is the best helper in this case. Our solution will help to realize all theoretical aspects of radio waves propagation, visualize and apply those aspects into practice.

With Cellular Expert lecturers / students can:

  • Compare various technologies and to see their differences
  • See how different factors influence network quality
  • Calculate network signal coverage and capacity
  • Simulate traffic loading scenarios
  • Select ITU, IEEE, COST and other propagation models, as well as add custom ones
  • Carry out research and development
  • Make studying material with practical examples. This helps students be more motivated and interested in lectures
  • Create 3D dimensional models thus making student’s studies more interesting and perceptible Read more >>


Educational Program for teaching telecommunications

Our team has developed and successfully implemented a Special Educational Program for academic institutions. The main advantage of Cellular Expert Education program - it makes teaching telecommunications easier.

What do we offer?

  • Cellular Expert LabKit Pack - educational software based on ESRI ArcGIS for wireless telecommunication network planning
  • Tailored Lab exercises
  • Professional support
  • Consultation and trainings

Cellular Expert Labs:

  • Lesson plans
  • Standard set of Labs
  • Tailored set of Labs
  • Separated descriptions for students and lecturer
  • Help and our expert assistance to prepare material
  • Thesis topics

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