About Cellular Expert Company (New)



Cellular Expert Company, a technology company focused on delivering wireless network design systems and tools to improve telecommunication companies’ performance. We are one of the most experienced companies providing GIS based solutions for Telecommunications internationally. Our professional team is developing up to day software solutions for telecommunication market leaders. More than 100 clients have relied on our supplied GIS software & solutions and customer focused services. Company operates worldwide through more than 50 Resellers’ network

Cellular Expert goal is to provide our customers with effective, reliable, innovative GIS based IT solutions, which would help companies to manage enterprise-wide processes, infrastructure, and other resources, optimize network performance, increase profitability and  the quality of customer services, and ease decision making processes.


     What do we offer:


Software solutions for telecommunication network planning and data management


Development of spatially enabled information systems and customized applications

 Client support, training and professional consultancy services

Our technologies and solutions operate in desktop, server, internet and cloud computing environment.

Our expert team have designed and developed a solution for radio frequency planning and network data management  – Cellular Expert™. Since 1995 it is being successfully sold worldwide. Now Cellular Expert is used by more than 100 organizations in more than 37 different countries – USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Iceland, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries.